Servo Coupling(軸径φ35のみ)


  1. スリーブと軸のクリアランスを締め付け途上において完全に塞ぐことが出来るため、両軸の回転精度が向上します。
  2. 両サイドに個々にロッキングスクリュウを配置することにより、両軸を所定の位置につき合わせをする必要がなく、片側の軸にまずサーボカップリングを取り付けることが出来ます。モーター軸の場合、モーター単体を別作業場においてあらかじめ組み付けることが出来るため、組立上の便利性に優れています。
  3. 両サイドの締め付けトルクをサイドごとに変えることによって、伝達可能トルクの容量を変化させる事が出来ます。このことにより不測の超過トルクが発生した場合に、任意に補修のし易い軸側でスリップを起こさせることも出来ます。

Specifications (Purpose and Structure)
This coupling has one locking element each side as the drawing on the other side of the page shows. As you tighten locking screws and use the wedge friction, the clearance between shaft and sleeve is decreased. Finally it connects both shafts firmly when the clearance is gone.
It gives you a high rotation accuracy of the shafts, because you can get rid of the clearance between shaft and sleeve by tightening locking screws.

Because the force is transmitted by contact pressure and frictional surfaces, proper tightening of the locking screws is very important.

  1. Connect Servo Coupling to motor shaft, and tighten locking screws lightly.
  2. Tighten 4 screws evenly in diametrically opposite sequence and do this in two or three stages up to the certain tightening torque by using a torque-wrench. TA = 35Nm
  3. Connect this assembly, Motor and Servo Coupling, to the shaft end of the ball screw.
  4. tighten the other side of locking screws same as the installation 2.
  5. Recheck tightening torque by applying it to all screws all the way around. When none of screws turn any more, the installation is completed.